Habu – making your ideas fly higher

The Habu name is respectfully borrowed from the Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird” super sonic spy plane. These incredible airplanes and their crews were given their nickname due to the planes resemblance to the habu snake, native to Southeast Asia.

At Habu we neither bite nor go super sonic, but we will help companies to reach higher and develop faster.


Founders and owners

Norwegian business men Terje Nyman and Sturla Sand established Habu Holding in 2007 after selling the majority of the Proserv Group. Both are experienced and successful entrepreneurs. Mr. Nyman being the founder of Proserv, Mr. Sand the founder of the Achilles Group.

Mr. Eimund Sletten, CEO of Habu Holding, bought into the company in 2010 after returning from ten years in the Middle East.



Established: 2007

Group employees: Approx. 600

CEO: Mr. Eimund Sletten

President: Mr. Terje Nyman